Daily Dakotan On Prairie Public’s Hear It Now

In the flurry of producing and publishing this year’s Daily Dakotan, we haven’t had a chance to talk about our experiences and plans as much as we’d like. Now the second season has just wrapped up, and we still have yet to answer:

· Where are you going with this show?

· How do you find Daily Dakotans?

· When is season three?

The good news is that Doug Hamilton at Prairie Public Radio just made it easy for us. Yesterday, he interviewed producer and director, Matt Fern, who describes what’s behind making an episode and how much longer we’ll continue the series.

Hamilton even asks Fern to pick his favorite episode of all, which turns out to be a lot like asking your mother which of her children paints the best rainbows.

Find out how Matt squirms out of that one and more at: http://www.prairiepublic.org/radio/hear-it-now?post=46668