Daily Dakotan – Tim Walford 12/17/12

I like this story of North Dakota bullfighter, Tim Walford, because he is so calm and precise whether he’s rodeoing or holding his newborn son, Braxton. That unflappable spirit is the essence of North Dakota, in my mind.

My crew filmed Tim at the state finals rodeo in Jamestown. Before he was up, he went behind the pens and talked to the bull owners about how the animals where acting that night.

He said bulls can often be predictable, and he was right. We had a mic on him during the riding, and he would tell us how each bull would likely come out of the gate. He was always right.

Tim’s wife missed our shoot at the Jamestown rodeo because she was getting very close to having their first baby. A couple weeks later, we went to see Tim again in Bismarck and met his new son. Tim had the same steady manner with that child as he had with the bulls.

Although my guess is that in the long run, bulls will prove to be more predictable.

– Matt Fern