Daily Dakotan – John Trautman 12/13/12

John writes a blog on the Fargo Forum Area Voices blog. That’s how I found him. He was talking about his experiences going back to college and being an adrenaline junky in general.

He agreed to be featured in the Daily Dakotan, and I thought we were in for a nice day of videoing John at his house. I expected we’d talk about overcoming adversity, and so on. And we did some of that. But then he invited us to a Bison game the next day, and we saw who John really is.

At the game, everyone seemed to know John. He was welcomed with food and beer at every tailgate party tent we went to. Some there were old high school friends (who say his outgoing and fun personality is the same as it was in high school). Others were friends he’s made because he comes to the games every week.

When the game started, I could see why John is such a Bison fan. The atmosphere was electric, and the game was sold out. The Bison had won the national championship the previous year, and they were hungry for a repeat.

A couple weeks later, when I sent John his Daily Dakotan episode to review, he said he liked it well enough. However, mostly he wanted to know “but did you guys have fun?”

– Matt Fern