Daily Dakotan – Robin Huebner 12/10/12

For the season premiere of Daily Dakotan, we talked to Robin Huebner. Most people in Fargo know Robin and her journalism work. If you’re from the area, you know the shock the community felt when she left the airwaves after 26 years in the fall of 2011.
I was watching her Facebook page through that period. The community reaction was huge when reports announced she was leaving her TV news show. I then saw her return to news in July 2012 to an even bigger reaction on Facebook. I knew she had a great story to tell.

My crew followed Robin for a day at work. It starts at the Forum newspaper office with her
making calls for an upcoming story. Pretty much everyone she cold calls for interviews comments about how happy they are to have her back in their day.
After her morning at the Forum, she heads over to WDAY for the evening news.
Just four people work in the studio when the broadcast starts: Robin, her co-anchor, the
weatherman, and the teleprompter operator. All the cameras run and move from the control room next to the studio. The news team is so calm and relaxed. It’s striking to see them like that and then to remember that everything they say is being broadcast live across the area.

– Matt Fern

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