Daily Dakotan – Pebbles Thompson 12/11/12

While doing a project for Sanford Health, I visited the Children’s Advocacy Center in Bismarck. I learned how children of abuse go to this place and receive these care packages while getting an evaluation. It can be a very scary time for the kids. The advocacy employee told me how important these care bags are to the children.

But these “bags of hope” don’t come from the Advocacy Center or from Sanford. They come from Pebbles Thompson, a woman in Fargo who has this calling to make sure kids in these crisis situations feel cared for in this one unique way.

Pebbles says that all the items in the bags are new, and they’re custom made based on the child’s age and the things he or she likes. Like the kids, no two bags are alike. Pebbles says she thinks it’s important that the children feel their bag is just for them.

Oh, and about that name: The first question I asked Pebbles was about her unique name. She said her older sister is Mary and her younger sister is Amanda. So she doesn’t know what her parents were thinking. She did say the best part about a name like Pebbles is that people remember her. And that’s important, especially now as she expands Project Nightlight beyond North Dakota’s borders.

– Matt Fern